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"Radio waves" are eternal media shared by humankind. Radio waves are expected to be used in broadcasting, communications, sensing, and as a means of transmitting energy. In our laboratory, we are pioneering variable directional antennas and their radio wave application technology. Furthermore, by utilizing the ICT technology we have cultivated in the field of green innovation, we will utilize direct current energy generated by solar and wind power. Intelligent power technology that efficiently converts to AC power for home use and the electrification of major highways We are also researching new electric vehicles that can continue to run.


A new interpretation of the kQ theory: Expanded to be applicable to electric field coupling

2016 Jun. IEEE Magazine [Link]
2015 Nov. TUT Research [Link]
2015 Oct. Standard equipment for measuring instruments [Link]

Timeline of theory establishment for capacitive-coupling WPT(wireless power transfer)


“Roads become power sources”
The Chunichi Shimbun (Youtube)

Demo and detailed explanation

"Move your car with the power of waves!"
Yume Navi Talk :academic presentation (Youtube)

Demo and detailed explanation Continue

The results of our laboratory were reported in NHK World, Science View, January 17, 2023.
Special Episode:Laying the Groundwork for Wireless Power Transfer, [URL](Limited time offer)