Electrified road electric car "EVER"

At CEATEC 2012, we won the semi-grand prix in the next-generation innovation/key technology category!

We are proposing a new electric vehicle "Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway" (EVER) that electrifies major highways and can continue to run anywhere. We aim to establish a technology for power supply while driving using the "tire dielectric method" that will be a breakthrough for the battery problem, which is a major barrier to the spread of electric vehicles.

This proposal is a gapless power transmission that focuses on the fact that the tires of a car are always in contact with the road surface, enabling continuous power supply even when the car is stopped or in motion. We succeeded in proof of principle with a mini 4WD scale model in the laboratory. We are currently making a prototype of a single-seater EVER cart.


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Conversation about EVER on Aug.11 2012 "Tenpaku no Shiro Gikadai" (program FM Toyohashi) was broadcast on
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Carries no batteries but an RF rectifier onboard.
Runs by power fed via a pair of wheels from underground electrodes.