Radio waves direction detection

What is direction-of-arrival detection of radio waves?

Conceptual diagram and actual equipment of
a radio direction-of-arrival finder

* Read the Espa Antenna study

The direction-of-arrival finder uses a variable directional antenna
used as a receiving antenna.
A directional antenna can emit radio waves in a specific direction
You can use a directional antenna as the receiving antenna
If you use it, you can receive only radio waves from a specific direction.
These characteristics are used to find the direction of arrival of radio waves.

Knowing the direction of arrival

Investigate the source of radio waves

If you know the direction of arrival of radio waves...
It can detect objects as a radar,
Mobile phones, etc. when there is a missing victim in a disaster
If you have a radio wave transmitter, you can find it!
In directional communication, the exact position of the communication partner is grasped,
Even though various radio waves are flying around, only the radio waves of the other party
It is also possible to receive.

research content

Communication in the midst of various radio waves

As a study, a variable directional antenna received
Estimating direction of arrival of radio waves from energy of radio waves
Algorithm derivation.
Especially in a complicated environment where radio waves are reflected and diffracted
We derive an algorithm that reliably estimates the direction of arrival of radio waves.
Besides, it is most suitable as an electric wave arrival direction finder
We design variable directivity antennas.
For the variable directivity antenna, we use the ESPAR antenna, which our laboratory specializes in.

Reaserch result

Movement of automatic tracking robot

We have prototyped an automatic tracking robot that uses direction-of-arrival detection of radio waves.
The robot receives radio waves from the transmitter and runs toward the source of the radio waves.
Equipped with a variable directivity antenna using two bowtie antennas,
by driving the left and right motors according to the directionality switching,
follow-up operation is realized.